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Mod link: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/structurize

Structurize is a dependency of MineColonies which handles the construction of schematics (blueprints).

The primary tool to do this is the Build Tool , which we go further in depth in the page about the build tool.

There are 3 other tools that are used in schematic creation:

For more information about creating schematics, please visit this page


CommandPermissionsCommand Description
/structurize linksession createALLCreates a linksession to which you can invite other players to see build previews.
/structurize linksession addplayerALLInvites a player to your link session so they can see your building previews. Make sure you create one first! After being invited, players have to accept the invitation.
/structurize linksession acceptinviteALLAccepts an invitation to a link session.

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